5 Strains of Marijuana that You Can Try this Year

There are hundreds of different strains of marijuana or cannabis and these are equally good for overall health of your body. However, there are some strains that stand above the rest both for their medium to powerful effect in order to mitigate pain to other bodily ailments. You may find some marijuana strains are specific to human conditions while others are generally good for their overall medical benefits.

It is rather quite difficult to choose from hundreds of marijuana strains yet for those that have not taken any of these may try out the following strains for the year 2020.

1. ACDC (Hybrid)

ACDC is already well known among researches and consumers as these are by far one of the best medical strains. It is used for treatment of mild to severe symptoms in patients. It is popular among medical experts due to its THC, CBD ratio. This stands at 1:20 which is indeed quite harmless and has no intoxicating effects.

Conditions like depression, anxiety, pain of various types, multiple sclerosis and post surgery treatment are done with help of this strain. ACDC strain is also known as multipurpose or all purpose strain for patients. It is taken in the form of smoke or mixed with drinks.

2. Northern Lights Indica

This is far better than most sleep inducing over the counter medicines that many people use. It is in fact better even for variety of health problems and you have no fear of becoming addictive. Insomnia affects millions of people worldwide and this particular strain of marijuana popularly known as Northern Lights Indica is the most effective for giving you good hours of excellent sleep.

It has THC levels of about 18% and quickly flowers.

3. White Widow

White Widow has 20% THC content in this hybrid plant of cannabis. It is very famous among most smokers as it gives you that rare thrill. It has potent effect and you experience sudden burst of energy, happiness and euphoria.

It is strong and is instantly powerful and you must have good ability to withstand any effects while taking it.

White Widow cannabis contains 60% Sativa and 40% Indica and therefore has great potentials of beating down chronic pain and other aches.

4. Durban Poison

Just as its name suggest Durban Poison is highly powerful marijuana strain. It quickly puts you in highs and surprising thing the effect goes down slowly. Although you really feel as if you are floating in clouds there is some kind of purity about it that doesn’t give you any side effects like other cross bred types.

There is THC content around 26% or less that is prime reason why some hard smokers take to it. It surely boosts your energy and positive attitudes, but for beginners it should be taken with some caution.

5. Girl Scout Cookies

This breed is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Hybrid of cannabis. It is perhaps the strongest of all other breeds. It contains THC anywhere within 18% to 23%, but in some varieties this may go up to 28%. Patients suffering from acute illness are given these strong doses.

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