What You Need to Know About Marijuana’s Benefits on Your Health

Marijuana or often known as Cannabis contains high levels of CBD (Cannabidiol) and low level of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and has been proven to have positive effects on many areas of human health. However, recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are different as the former contains more THC while the latter has it in very low level. The higher the THC greater is the psychoactive affect that often causes hallucination and changes in behavior.

Numerous research studies have pointed out several health benefits of marijuana if taken in right kind of doses. You will find that they are positive in both mild to chronic ailments and medical conditions. Among the most important function of marijuana is its immediate effect on humans with chronic pain.

Cannabis Relieves Different Chronic Pains

It has been found out by scientists that marijuana contains hundreds of chemical compounds of which many are seen to be cannabinoids. It is medical marijuana that has been found to be having very positive affect as pain killer. It mitigates pains ranging from arthritis, pain relief from cancers to mending bones and thereby gives relief.

You may find regular uses of marijuana is linked to helping lose body weight, prevent diabetes and helps in treatment of cancers. In most cases people that smoke cannabis are never overweight. And so also those that are prone to diabetes when they smoke marijuana they find that it helps stabilize blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Over and above all these it also helps in improving lung capacity that is in sharp contrast to cigarette smoking.

Treatment of Depression, Anxiety and ADHD

Marijuana helps in fighting off depression as the compounds within it helps in stabilizing moods and mood swings. It helps in promoting concentration and focusing on tasks for individuals especially those patients with ADHD problems.

It has unique benefits for treatment of individuals with autism as it greatly lowers mood swings among them. It has also shown positive result in reducing pain on eyes in case of patients with glaucoma and Alzheimer’s disease. This means that with cannabis you can also help alleviate pain from people suffering from multiple sclerosis as well as side effects of hepatitis C.

It must be noted that in case of multiple sclerosis the pain sometimes becomes intolerable while in case of hepatitis C this creates muscle aches and fatigue. Marijuana intake has other great effects like that of helping with tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease and consequent pain.

Currently, studies have been conducted on marijuana’s unique positive qualities of helping alcoholics curbing their drinking habits. It has been seen that when smokers are induced with habits of smoking cannabis then they over a period of time start to reduce their drinking habits.

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